In a time when the world was just awakening to the allure of craft beer, Dead Guy Ale made its mark. Launched in the early ’90s as a maibock style, it was more than just a beer—it was a symbol, a statement, and for many, a first taste of something different, authentic, and unique. Its iconic logo became synonymous with a revolution that was all about originality and daring to be different.

Three decades on, the Dead are multiplying. With the introduction of new beer styles like IPA, Pilsner, Pale Ale, and Imperial IPA, the Dead Guy Brand has grown. And the innovation didn’t stop at beer; the Dead Guy brand also grew within the realm of spirits with cask finished expressions of the Dead Guy Whiskey line, ensuring there’s a Dead Guy for every moment.

Today Dead Guy continues to be created for those who embrace life with a sense of adventure, freedom, and rebellion, it’s not just about the drink; it’s a way of life that encourages living fully, without reservation.

Live Now – Rest Later.